Small Oasis | oil on canvas | 50x60cm Solomon Fine Art SPRING GROUP EXHIBITION GALLERY & INVITED ARTISTS 7 - 30 APRIL 2022

Adrift | oil on canvas | 60x60cm | private collection Winter Group Show

Sea Pool | oil on canvas | 80x80cm Solomon Fine Art SUMMER GROUP SHOW GALLERY & INVITED ARTISTS 17 - 30 AUGUST 2021 A vibrant mix of paintings, sculpture and print by Ireland’s leading artists.

Facing North

Facing North | oil on canvas | 120x150cm | private collection Facing North 4  – 26 September 2020 Solomon Fine Art is delighted to host a solo exhibition of new work by artist Carol Hodder.  The expressive, semi-abstract paintings in this, the artist’s second solo exhibition at Solomon, are a sensory response to place, atmosphere and visceral experience.

Thaw | oil on canvas | 100x120cm | private collection Carol Hodder is the subject of this week’s Artistic Licence interview in The Irish Times Gloss magazine. In it, Carol talks about her recent residency in Iceland, her working methods and her mentors and muses. You can read the interview in full here: